What is Occam’s Razor?

Occam’s Razor, sometimes also spelled Ockham’s Razor, is a principle of science introduced by the English logician William of Ockham. (Possibly a distant ancestor of Captain Occam.) This principle states that when seeking an explanation for something, one should always favor the explanation that involves the fewest hypothetical assumptions, or in other words is as simple as possible. This is generally bad news for creationists, since it means people shouldn’t attempt to explain things such as endogenous retroviruses by means of bizarre coincidences. (RIP WinAce, 1984-2005.)

How about a PRATT list? What’s that?

PRATT stands for “Point Refuted A Thousand Times”. It’s a creationist argument such as the claim that nobody has ever observed the formation of a new species, which is completely false, but creationists keep using it anyway. So, what’s a creationist to do when each of his arguments against evolution can be refuted in about ten minutes? To those of them who use PRATT lists, the answer is to list 60 or so of these PRATTs, and hope that nobody wants to spend the ten hours it would take to refute them all.

Remember, I’m not making this up. An example is about halfway down this page.

Did Kent Hovind really get arrested for tax evasion?

Yes. He got 10 years in prison for it, too.

What’s the big deal about bird origins?

I’m not even sure myself. That’s always been the aspect of evolution that interests me most, and the various transitional fossils between dinosaurs and birds are among my favorite prehistoric creatures. I also prefer to use something other than the iconic transition from hominids to modern humans, since that’s become such a cliché.

Why does Captain Occam use a scooter?

It isn’t just any old scooter, it’s a Razor Scooter.

You’re anti-Christian, aren’t you?

Not really. I’m not a Christian, but I have a lot of friends who are, and I don’t hold that against them as long as they’re logical and honest about it. But what I am is anti-pseudoscience, and this comic is intended to make fun of the sorts of Christians who not only think they have to interpret everything in the Bible literally, but who also pretend that what they believe because of this can be defended on scientific grounds.

Why don’t you update this comic more often?

I’m in college, and each of these episodes takes me around 20 hours to draw. I could probably update it more often if I were willing to compromise my college work or the art style of the comics, but I don’t feel like doing either of those.