Captain Occam

The hero of the Occam’s Razor series, Captain Occam is devoted to fighting creationists’ logical fallacies, which he quickly destroys using his giant razor. Although he rarely loses to them, people such as the Prattmaster always ensure that his work is never finished.

The Prattmaster

The Prattmaster, shown here using his favorite debating tactic (a PRATT list) is a creationist with the superhuman ability to produce a seemingly endless supply of PRATTs. This ability comes at a cost, however: none of his arguments require more than a couple of minutes to refute.

Dr. Hovind

Every villainous organization has an evil mastermind behind it, and creationism is no exception. None can match Dr. Hovind’s ability to mislead others about science–that is, when he isn’t in prison for tax evasion.

Mr. Pardalis and his student

This widely-respected paleontologist is the curator of the museum where The Prattmaster was first defeated. Although Mr. Pardalis prefers to keep conflicts on an academic level, he’s far from defenseless with his antique revolver. Sometimes Mr. Pardalis is accompanied by a 19-year-old boy who volunteers at his museum between high school and college. I know I’ve seen this guy before somewhere…

Reverend Zedekiah

Zedekiah is a typical creationist pastor–arrogant, illogical, and convinced that everyone who disagrees with him will go to hell. His rather snobbish demeanor is the result of his belief that he’s one of the few people whom God likes.


Dr. Hovind’s theft of an experimental time-travel system from Princeton University resulted in this Deinonychus being brought forward in time from the Cretaceous period. Unfortunately for Dr. Hovind, however, she has proven quite uncooperative with his efforts to use her as evidence against evolution.