Captainoccam.com was created by Jonathan Kane (right), the author and artist of the Occam’s Razor comic series. The co-author is Emily Willoughby (left).

Jonathan and Emily

About Jonathan

I’m pretty much your stereotypical science nerd, apart from the fact that I happen to also be an artist and a writer. Other than criticizing creationism, my main interests are art, literature, philosophy, video games, and paleontology, especially the origin of birds.

I was raised as a Christian, but in my late teens I began to be more and more disappointed in the behavior I observed from other people who shared my religion. According to the Bible, Christians should stand out from everyone else because of the Holy Spirit, and the “fruit of the spirit” that it produces. Why was it, then, that the only traits I saw that set Christians apart from other people were arrogance, ignorance, and irrationality? This sort of thing lasted a few years, but the most important example of it was at a Christian School I went to for 11th grade, which I described in a story I wrote here.

Around the time I was 19, I gave up on Christianity and became a Deist. Deists believe in God, but we don’t think he’s directly revealed himself to humans in the Bible or any other book, so the only way to learn about him is by studying the world itself. This is the same religion followed by Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein, so even if the Bible is right that everyone who doesn’t follow Jesus will go to hell, at least I’ll have good company there. I think I’d rather be with them in hell than in heaven with the people I knew at Timothy Christian School.

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About Emily

Though I was raised in a very strict, irrational Christian household, it wasn’t until my early teens that I began to question the logic behind such assertions as “God punishes disobedient children with short lives” and “It’s all part of his master plan.” Due to a very scattered and incomplete education in natural history combined with a domineering step mother who utterly shunned science, I remained a creationist for most of my childhood. In fact, as a child I actually wanted to be a “Christian scientist.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t until my first high school biology course that I realized how completely ridiculous the entire concept of creationism is. It was also around that time that I questioned the Christian religion in general, after observing countless hypocrisies, inconsistencies, and logical fallacies inherent to the faith.

I became an agnostic when I was 14, but I found this position of intellectual fence-sitting to be very unsatisfying, and became an agnostic atheist around a year later and have remained as such since then. Today I basically believe that there is no supreme being, but I don’t completely reject the possibility. The Christian god, on the other hand—that is, an omniscient, benevolent being as is depicted in the Christian bible—is something I actively believe cannot logically exist.

Ironically enough, my major at university is currently evolutionary biology. I am also very interested in paleontology, art, physics, philosophy, science fiction and video games.

Online gallery of my art

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